Air Dream Replacement Air Chamber Full

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Replacement Air Chamber Air Dream Air-Over-Coil Sofa Bed Mattress Accidents happen! Whether it's a destructive cat, an errant needle, slow leak or acute loss of air, you need to replace the air chamber in your Air Dream Sleeper Sofa Mattress and you need to do it fast! Not only are we one of the largest and most respected seller of the Air Dream online, we are also one of the few sites that carries hard-to-find replacement parts for the Air Dream. We carry the air chamber bladder, replacement valves and air inflator pumps. Check out our selection of Air Dream Replacement Parts. Available Air Dream Air Chamber Sizes: Twin Air Bladder 36 x 72 inch Full Air Bladder 52 x 72 inch Queen Air Bladder 60 x 72 inch


(No reviews yet) Write a Review