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Product Overview

InnerSpace 10-inch Sleep Luxury Twin Mattress is composed of three layers of high density foam. Zippered mattress cover is composed of Rayon, Tencel and Lyrcra yarns for comfort and durability.  Helps maintain body posture and relieves aches and pains often associated with softer memory foam mattresses.  Eliminates motion transfer between bed partners. The 75L x 38W x 10H Twin Mattress can be used with height-adjustable bed frames, platform beds or slatted frames. Like all InnerSpace mattresses, it ships compression rolled, making it easier to maneuver the mattress through tight spaces and hallways. Simply move the mattress into position, remove the cover, and it will expand to its full and permanent size. Expands to 90% in 30 minutes and 100% within 48 hours. We are so confident you will love our high quality mattress that we offer a 30 Day Sleep Guarantee. If you decide to return the mattress in the first 30 days, there is an easy return method with no hidden restocking or return fees. Features our FlameWatch flame retardant technology. Okeo Tek certified fabrics. Manufacturer 20 Year Warranty. Proudly Made in USA.

Product Features

  • 1-inch Top Layer of 17 ILD Foam, 2-inch Center Layer of 28 ILD Foam, and 7" Base Layer of 34 ILD Foam
  • Eliminates Motion Transfer Between Bed Partners
  • Okeo Tek Certified Fabrics
  • Double Cylinder Stretch Knit Ticking, using Rayon, Tencel and Lycra Yarns for Performance, Comfort and Durability to be Inherently Flame Resistant
  • For Use with Platform Beds, Adjustable Beds, and Slatted Frames or Box Springs
  • Compression Rolled for Easy Maneuvering and Installation
  • 30-Day Sleep Test Guarantee
  • Manufacturer 20 Year Warranty
  • Proudly Made in USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review