Waterbed Accessories Bundle includes Bubble Stop Aqua Shock Pull Cap and Seal Vinyl Repair Kit

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Waterbed Maintenance and Support Supplies. Includes 16oz Bottle of Aqua Shock, 8oz Bottle Vinyl Cleaner, 8oz Bottle Bubble Stop, Pull Cap and Seal Kit, and Vinyl Repair Kit Bubble Stop Solution Bubble Stop Solution. Eliminates bubbles inside your waterbed mattress by neutralizing excess minerals in water. Extremely effective on hard water areas. Vinyl Cleaner Solution Mild and non-abrasive. Ideal treatment for cleaning and protecting all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Removes dust, dirt and most types of stains. Waterbed Water Shock Treatment Eliminates all water related odor problems in waterbed mattresses, flotation systems and fiberbeds. Vinyl Repair Kit Stay on top of waterbed maintenance with a vinyl repair kit. Prevent tiny leaks from growing into costly repairs by patching early. Waterbed Water Mattress Cap and Seal Kit Designed for maximum air and watertight security. Ideal for opening and lifting mattress valve with ease.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review