Afiscooter M Three Wheel Scooter

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Afiscooter M Three Wheel Scooter

Afiscooter-M is a powerful electric vehicle designed for service and maintenance personnel due to its impressive carrying capacity and maneuvering capabilities. Afiscooter-M is a super strong vehicle with an advanced ergonomic design to handle loads up to 300 kg.

Afiscooter-M is equipped with an extremely large loading surface, long travel range and superb traction. This vehicle allows particularly easy steering and a smooth driving experience, in a variety of environments: corridors, service elevators, warehouses and narrow passages. The independent suspension system and the orthopedic chair guarantee that you will be comfortable during a full working day.


  • Fully adjustable swivel orthopedic seat with a movable headrest and armrests
  • Powerful, long-lasting, energy efficient LED headlights provide more light and a greater driving range
  • Easy tiller adjustment for any driver


(No reviews yet) Write a Review