Build Your Own Free Flow Hardside Mattress Bundle And Save

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Build Your Own Free Flow Hardside Mattress Bundle And Save

Add only the accessories you need and Save!


Receive all the benefits of sleeping on water and have a free flowing water mattress that lets you fully enjoy the motion of the ocean.

Designed for you proper support and comfort.A Free-Flow waterbed offers all the health and wellbeing benefits that people report when sleeping on water as well as allowing you to experience the full wave effect of a waterbed mattress. People who switch to a waterbed tend to report improved quality of rest and report waking feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more energetic than ever.

No longer is a hardside waterbed just a joke leftover from the 70s. The mattresses are better designed than ever. The vinyl construction is more secure than ever and fill kits make these mattresses easier to fill and drain than ever. Requiring no more maintenance than the occasional bottle of water conditioner, a hardside, free-flow waterbed is a great and affordable way to bring the many benefits of Sleeping on Water into you bedroom.

Warranty terms: 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Available Sizes:

  • Super Single (48x84 inch)
  • Queen (60x84 inch)
  • Cal King (72x84 inch)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review