Drain Hero Complete Drain Kit

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Waterbed Drain Hero

The hassle-free approach to fluid support maintenance & care!

Everything you need to effortlessly vacuum seal your mattress!

Makes moving a breeze!

10 piece complete flotation kit includes:

  • Venturi Siphon: This little gadget can pump/drain 200 gallons per hour without electricity!
  • 8 oz. Multi-Purpose Conditioner: Specially formulated for complete time-released protection in fiber, foam and baffle watermattresses!
  • Air Extractor: Pump away noisy air bubbles from any watermattress, for a comfortable, quiet night's sleep!
  • High Capacity Electric Waterbed Pump: The self-priming, electric waterbed pump is a great time saving, hassle-free solution for draining your waterbed mattress. It is durable, safe, lightweight and easy to store and use. The electric waterbed pump will vacuum pack the waterbed mattress to "near dry" condition without shifting the internal waveless system. Multiple uses: Drain spas, boats, hot tubs, aquariums, fountains and wet basements!
  • 8 oz. Vinyl Cleaner: Mild and non-abrasive. Ideal treatment for cleaning and protecting all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Removes dust, dirt and most types of stains.
  • 3 ft. Connection Hose: Strong, durable and flexible connection from your pump to your waterbed!
  • 25 ft. Connection Hose: Far-reaching, strong, durable and flexible connection from your pump to your faucet!
  • "New & Improved" Metal Faucet Adaptor: The Faucet Adaptor (now metal instead of plastic) Allows for a proper, tight & secure connection from your hose to your sink! One-Piece, durable metal construction versus plastic adapters which can strip very easy.
  • Perfect Union: Eliminates the possibility of water spillage during draining!
  • Valve Shut-Off Switch: Controls the water flow between your waterbed & sink, allowing the water to be turned on or off with ease!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review