La Jolla Tulip Oak Headboard and Frame

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Tulip Oak Waterbed Frame

La Jolla Oak Waterbed Furniture Collection

Hand-crafted with pride in the U.S.

The Tulip bed-frame is made from slow-growing oak that has a dense wood grain for durable and attractive construction. The Golden Oak used in this bed frame has been hand-selected for itrsquo;s grain content and durability by furniture experts at the mills. The craftsmen who work the wood become an integral part of the bed-creation process and leave their unique imprint on each piece they create.

This attention to detail creates a long-lasting piece that will be able to be handed down from one generation to the next.

Available Bed Frame Sizes:

  • Waterbed Super Single (48 x 84 inch)
  • Waterbed Queen (60 x 84 inch)
  • Waterbed King (76 x 80 inch)

Basic Waterbed Package:

The Base Price for this hardside waterbed and bed frame includes only:

  • Basic 9-inch riser without any drawers or storage
  • Extended Bed Frame this will support the hardside waterbed bladder and accept the headboard
  • Waterbed Decking to support the waterbed fluid chamber
  • One (1) Free Flow Hardside Waterbed Mattress
  • Quantum Thermal Waterbed Heater
  • Waterbed Stand-up liner
  • 8-ounce bottle of waterbed conditioner
  • Waterbed fill & drain kit
  • Note: We recommend you add the optional headboard for stability and aesthetic reasons. If you wish for a basic wood frame hardside waterbed we recommend you consider the: 5-Board Harside Waterbed Pine Frame

Waterbed Options:

Upgrade your hardside waterbed configuration with one of these waveless or semi-waveless water mattresses. (Full Motion Free Flow Mattress included)

  • Innomax Free Flow Hardside Waterbed- The full motion waterbed that is included in the base price of this package.
  • Innomax 400ST Semi Waveless (50%) Hardside Waterbed
  • Innomax Sanctuary SF3 LS Infinity 80% Waveless Hardside Waterbed
  • Innomax Luxury Support LS 6960 99% Waveless Hardside Waterbed

A beautiful oak bed frame and foundation is an essential add-on when you upgrade your sleep to a new hardside waterbed. When you are embracing all the benefits of Zero-G sleep that a waterbed mattress can offer you need to have the proper support base for the waterbed itself.

Unfortunately these specially designed oak bed frames can be the hardest part of the waterbed to locate. There are very manufacturers who make them. And, unless you are a skilled woodworker, it is probably too big a project for most weekenders.

At Waterbed Bargains, we’ve partnered with some of the finest craftsmen to create a series of hardside waterbed foundations that will properly support your waterbed and which are designed to bear the immense weight of a fully filled hardside waterbed.

In addition, these headboard / bedframe kits are easily assembled in your home and they ship in a very affordable manner. You will truly feel weightless when you sleep on a high-quality hardsided waterbed that is properly supported by the right waterbed frame and base.

La Jolla Tulip Oak Waterbed Headboard Features:

  • Northern Red Oak: Slower growing cycles created dense grain for a harder more durable wood, providing decades of robustness, beauty and service
  • Oak Plywood Veneer: Prevents swelling, lifting or delaminating for long life
  • 9-Ply Baltic Birch Drawers: Old-World craftsmanship to ensure drawer durability and years of use
  • Roller Bearing Glides: Engineered for years of effortless and dependable operation
  • 4-Piece Drawer Construction: Traditional dovetailing for virtually indestructible durability
  • Hand Sanded: Timeless beauty and lasting design, with the personal touch of the individual work working professional to assure final quality
  • Satin Lacquer Finish: Easy to maintain, the exceptional smooth and highly visible luster adds beauty to any room
  • Premium Grade Mirror: True reflection glass is free from distiortion for accurate image projection

Available Waterbed Frame Riser Support Bases:

  • Tulip 4-Drawer 9-inch Riser (Also available for Super Single)
  • Tulip 6-Drawer 12-inch Riser
  • Tulip 6-Drawer 14-inch Riser

NOTE: If you select headboard only, you will only receive the headboard and not receive the frame that you will need to support your hardside waterbed.

Note: Color is approximate. Actualy shade may vary slightly.


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