London Bridge Linens Bridal Satin Conventional Sheet Set

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London Bridge Linens Bridal Satin Conventional Sheet Set

Our Bridal Satin is 100% Acetate, for a very slick, almost frictionless surface. It is the same fabric used in the making of bridal wedding gowns, and is therefore very delicate. Sleeping on Bridal Satin sheets can be an indescribable experience, but should be reserved for special occasions. Just like a wedding gown, bridal satin bedding is very delicate not meant for everyday use. It will wear out much more quickly than cotton or poly cotton fabric.

Bridal Satin fabric is only available in narrow widths, so sheets made from bridal satin will have a seam (usually in the center of the bed).

Each set comes with:

  • A fitted bottom sheet made with elastic all the way around. This is 1/2" elastic, fully enclosed in the hem.
  • A flat top sheet, fully hemmed (no crimped edges), with a plain 3" hem at the head of the bed. Our top sheets are cut to generous dimensions, and take your mattress depth into account.
  • Either one or two pillow cases depending on the width of your bed - (sizes smaller than a full will get 1 standard, all other sizes will get 2 pillow cases of the appropriate size)

Custom/Exact-fit Depths are available. Please call for pricing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review