Nouveau Fusion Thermal Cell Temperature Regulating Phase Change Technology Mattress by Innomax

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Product Overview

Nouveau Fusion Thermal Cell Temperature Regulating Phase Change Technology Mattress by Innomax



  • Beautifully Designed Ultra-Stretch Cover: Assists in moisture evaporation and management - eliminating bacterial growth for a healthier sleeping environment.
  • Three Compression Flex Zones: Provide high performance body fit and support alignment for maximum pressure relief and comfort.
  • Multi-Zoned Balance & Posturized Mid-Body Support: Optimizes support physics and provides separately designed zones for head-to-toe comfort, stand tall - sleep tall posture alignment.
  • Wool Moisture Barrier: Assists in moisture management and temperature control. Wicks away moisture in either a warming or cooling manner - allowing it to maintain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Also inhibits allergens & bacterial growth for a healthier sleeping environment.
  • Replaceable Smart Top: Removable top cover is replaceable and refreshable for years of healthy sleep.
  • Thermal-Cell Comfort Layer: Utilizes revolutionary Temperature Regulating - Phase Change Technology. As compression is increased, Thermal-Cell™ improves thermoconductivity to remove heat efficiently. The unique “Open Cell”, breathable air flow design - supports air & moisture movement creating a cooler night’s sleep, improved blood flow and oxygen exposure to the skin cells. Thermal-Cell™ senses & responds to your body form quicker and improves overall support, giving greater pressure point relief & superior weight distribution. Also absorbs energy & motion, so you & your partner sleep in complete undisturbed, peaceful sleep. Emissions & Performance tested. Also features Stay Fresh™ technology, which eliminates the possible harsh chemical odor associated with many memory foam type products. Maintains freshness for the products life.
  • Double Self Mending Zipper: Maximizes a mattresses accessibility and durability. If a zipper happens to separate, just rezip to repair.
  • Air Support: Recommended by doctors & chiropractors worldwide, the Nouveau-Fusion™ mattress conforms to the body, contouring to your personal shape and evenly distributes your body weight for minimum contact pressure. Plus you have the options of adjusting to soft or firm!
  • Memory Weave Wrapped Power Edge Support: Edge support offering comfort & support whether sitting on the side or lying on the mattress. The Memory Weave provides our Power Edge with a “no bow” design increasing the durability & longevity by not allowing oxidation of the foam.


  • Dual Handsets: Preferable over the single handset that always seems to be on the wrong side of the bed.
  • Handy Tethered Design: No more lost remote controls - with our convenient, tethered control design.
  • 4 Function, Ergonomic Wired Controls: Features 4 primary functions, including sleep memory and bed made ready auto fill mode.
  • L.E.D. Controls: User friendly & ergonomically designed. The LED (light emitting diode) design allows you to clearly see a readout of the firmness level you have selected even in a darkened room.
  • 50 Comfort Set Points: The dual digital hand controls offer 50 scientifically accurate comfort set points.
  • Automatic Bed Fill: The dual digital hand controls feature an automatic bed fill mode that allows you to give your bed that made ready look at the touch of a button.
  • Whisper Quiet Design: Features a sound dampening internal structure which means virtually silent operation. The design features a suspended pump motor which helps eliminate vibrations while thick insulated walls insulate the already quiet motor noise.
  • Unique “Cam-Lock” Fitting: The user friendly Cam-Lock Fitting gently twist locks onto the Pump creating an air tight, trouble free seal. The internal pressure valve allows for the air chamber to be disconnected from the inflator for ease of moving the bed or for accurate service diagnostics in the field.

Available Sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal King
  • Split King


(No reviews yet) Write a Review