Suite Dreams Natural Latex Rubber Mattress 8 inch Profile

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Product Overview

Suite Dreams Natural Latex Rubber Mattress 8-inch Profile


Imagine you are lying on this 100% Natural Latex Rubber Mattress. You instantly discover it is more than just a bed. The luxurious sleeping surface provides you with the utmost comfort and support.


The density you feel supporting your body comes from the 6-inch Natural Rubber core. Surrounding the core is several layers of quilted cotton that make you feel as though you are floating on a cloud as you lounge. The 2-inch layer of Soft Natural Rubber that rests atop the cotton conforms to your body’s shape perfectly, creating a plush surface ideal for side sleeping. The organic cotton stretch knit fabric that encases the mattress feels soft against your skin, adding the perfect touch to the all-natural bedding.


Made with the finest all natural 100% botanic latex sourced from Sri Lanka


This combination of support and softness relieves pressure point pain in your back, neck and joints, cradling your body and lulling you to bed. Each morning, you will awaken with both your body and mind revitalized from the most restful sleep you have ever experienced.


You feel secure knowing natural latex rubber is one of the most durable choices available for use as bedding material. You know this mattress will last you for years to come. Its firm, smooth surface does not pack down or become lumpy over time like other mattresses. The Natural Rubber is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew and mold, allowing you to relax free of allergy symptoms that many other mattresses irritate.


Queen 8-inch Natural Latex Mattress covered in organic cotton ticking, quilted with eco-wool.


After just a few minutes lying on this Natural Latex Rubber Mattress, you know it will end morning after morning of feeling groggy, sore or unrested. Your choice between a Medium or Firm natural rubber core personalizes your new mattress to your sleeping preferences. You are ready to sleep soundly and experience rest like never before, it is time to switch to this 100% Natural Latex Rubber Mattress.


6+2 inch Suite Dream Latex Mattress Features:


The 100% Natural Latex Rubber mattress has a 6-inch core using your choice of Medium or Firm Natural Rubber. This provides pressure point relieving support. Surrounded with quilted layers of wool and encased in an organic cotton stretch knit fabric. The Natural Rubber mattress is extremely durable and resilient.


The 6+2-inch latex mattress has an additional layer of soft natural rubber on top for added plushness and optimal pressure point relief. Ideal for side sleepers.


  • Cotton Double Knit Ticking using 100% Organic Fibers
  • Wool Batting using 100% Premium EcoWool
  • 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
  • 6-inch FIRM Latex bottom layer
  • 2-inch SOFT Latex top layer
  • Inside: 100% Natural Latex Rubber
  • Cover: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Benefits: Unmatched Comfort, Hypoallergenic & Resists bed bugs and dust mites.

Available Sizes:

  • Twin 38 x 75 inch
  • Twin XL 38 x 80 inch
  • Full 54 x 75 inch
  • Queen 60 x 80 inch
  • King (eastern) 76 x 80 inch
  • California King (western) 72 x 84 inch

20 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage


Optional Foundation / Riser Information:

Suite Sleep Organic Foundation:


The Suite Sleep Foundation is a 7-inch profile upholstered wood slat foundation. The foundation is specially designed to be used with the latex or other solid core mattresses (such as a memory foam mattress). The Slat Foundation provides extra support for our heirloom quality heavier mattresses. Solid wood slats are fitted following traditional European design and covered in a heavy-duty organic cotton fabric. A Foundation is commonly called a Box Spring and some bed frames require a Foundation so the mattress gets the proper support and height.


Platform Base will replace both your box spring and bed frame in one solid steel piece.Available Platform / Riser Base:

Get a riser platform and replace both your bed frame and box spring. A platform riser is a great way to support your mattress and create tons of extra storage space under your bed. Click here to see the full product page.


Elevate your bed 14 inches high and create tons of useable storage space!

You won't believe how much space you can recover when you get rid of an antiquated box spring. The platform riser is available with an elegant microfiber cover that makes it look like a traditional box spring.


Platform Riser options:

Cover: Attractive flame resistant microfiber cover. Makes the platform riser look like a traditional frame and box-spring.

Suite Sleep

Suite Sleep offers high quality latex mattresses and natural wool bedding. With a unsurpassed focus on quality and craftsmanship, Suite Sleep mattresses and bedding offer a clean, natural, and comfortable place for you and your family to sleep. Using Sri Lankan rubber, orgainc virgin wool from the US, organic cotton and sustainably harvested wood, Suite Sleep mattresses offer 100% commitment to natural healthy sleep. With natural components and superior quality construction Suite Sleep offers you the finest sleep experience available. Contact us with questions about a new Suite Sleep latex organic mattress. Our representatives are standing by to help you find out the many ways you can benefit from the experience of better, healthier sleep.

Warranty Information

20 year manufacturer warranty


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