Verseleg Adjustable Bed Legs by Innomax

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Product Overview

Versaleg Foundation Support System

The Modern, safe alternative to a metal bedframe

Versaleg bed support legs. Replace your bed frame. Detail icon.Environmentally friendly Versalegs are an innovative, less expensive, modern alternative to the conventional metal bedframe and are now fabricated from 100% recycled materials!

A superior bed support system, Versalegs completely eliminates the need for a bedframe & fits all standard size boxsprings! Versalegs are available in four sizes (brown only), offering the ability to adjust bed height quickly & easily!


The Versaleg system has two components, a bedleg and a threaded base plate. The base plate attaches directly to the boxspring with provided hardware. The Bedlegs then easily screw into the base plate for quick installation.


Optional headboard brackets allow you to keep using your headboard with the Versalegs. Not having a bed frame will not force you to have a shabby looking bedroom. The brackets mount securely to your foundation or box spring and accpet the normal headboard mounting hardware.

Versatile Versalegs offer many advantages and features:

  • Less expensive than metal frames or bases.
  • Extremely Adjustable Versalegs come in many sizes and make it easy to adjust the overall height of you bed.
  • Creates childsafe sleeping environment, no metal or jagged edges.
  • A superior bed support system, completely eliminates the need for a bedframe and fits all standard size boxsprings.
  • Raises or lowers bed height easily & quickly.
  • Bedlegs glide easily; will not harm linens, carpets or hardwood floors.
  • Stable adjustment or angling of bed height for special needs, medical conditions, seniors and convalescence.
  • Allows for easy rotation of box springs, extending bed life.
  • Lightweight - easy and economical to ship via UPS.
  • Versaleg patented bedlegs system is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Made from 100% recycled materials


A 2-3 inch incline from the foot of the bed to the head has been known to dramatically improve acid reflux, sleep apnea and snoring. Wedge-style foundations have recently become available and popular. With the Versaleg this same incline is now even easier to achieve. Buy 2 sets of legs in different sizes and put the shorter Versaleg at the foot of the bed and the taller leg at the head. It's just as easy as installing the Versalegs.

Versaleg bed support legs. Replace your bed frame. Logo and slogan.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review