Waterbed Tube Replacement Cylinder Complete Bed Kit

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Waterbed Cylinder Tube Complete Mattress Set

Available in FreeFlow or Waveless

Buy your softside waterbed tubes as a complete mattress set and save

Softside waterbed tubes allow you to fine tune the feel of your softside waterbed. With a tube system you can easily fill or drain the tubes at your faucet without the need for complicated (and additional cost) fill and drain kit systems. Each tube is a manageable weight and closes securely to transport to your softside waterbed.


With a tube system you can easily attain a different feel on each side of the bed. By underfilling one side you can achieve a softer feel with more wave action. While your partner may prefer a firmer bed feel, you can have the full-motion waterbed that you prefer.


Many couples have found new nighttime peace with a tube-style softside waterbed. You can even mix-and-match free-flow tubes with waveless tubes to really customize your bed and find the perfect sleep.

Available in Free-Flow or Waveless Tube Cylinder

We recommend you purchase Tube conditioner tablets with the purchase of any new tube(s)

Softside Water Mattress Tube Sets:

  • Twin Mattress: 5 Tubes
  • Double Mattress: 6 Tubes
  • Full Mattress: 7 Tubes
  • Queen Mattress: 8 Tubes
  • California King: 10 Tubes
  • King: 11 Tubes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review