Eco Pedic Classic 9 inch memory foam mattress

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Product Overview

Eco-Pedic Classic 9-inch Memory Foam MattressEco Tempur Tempurpedic Memory Mattress

The Eco-Pedic Classic 9-inch memory foam is an environmentally friendly bed choice that compares in construction to the 9-inch National Brands. Our Eco-conscious memory foam offers a superior alternative to the hydrocarbon-based memory foam used in National Brand memory foam mattress. The memory foam we use for our exclusive Eco-Pedic is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and naturally dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. It also provides a superior sleeping surface with contouring support, pressure relief and outstanding heat dissipating characteristics. The high performance plant-based foam support layer offers extraordinary comfort and unparalleled orthopedic support. The core support layer is a high-grade (anti-microbial) botanic bio-foam. The extra strong support base will ensure that the bed never sags or flattens out.


The inviting quilting on this supreme mattress is made from bamboo fibers. Not only is bamboo a renewable resource (perhaps the most renewable plant resource) but these high-quality textiles are also downy soft. The Classic quilting is done in a waterfall edge with the bamboo material wrapping down the sides of the mattress to meet with the ultra suede used on the lower sides of the mattress. The suede sides provide outstanding mattress protection.


Eco-Pedic foundations are specially designed to properly support the mattress and in turn offer a perfect surface to gently relax you into deep and restful sleep. These artisan built bases provide better than a traditional box spring. An Eco-Pedic mattress foundation requires a different construction method than a traditional box spring and it is important to pair your memory foam mattress with a purpose built foundation.


Our exclusive eco-conscious memory foam is a superior bedding product that is firm yet breathable and promotes an anatomically correct sleep posture for deep, healthy, restful and restorative sleep. An Eco-Pedic Deluxe bed offers you comparable support and construction to the National Brand but at a fraction of the cost.

Eco-Pedic Classic Features:

  • 9-inch mattress height
  • Dimpled Stretch-knit ultra-soft cover
  • Mattress top layer: 1-inch layer of Eco-Conscious Ventilated Memory Foam – 3lb foam weight
  • 1 1/2-inch layer of viscoelastic memory foam – 3lb foam weight
  • 6 1/2-inch layer of high-density bio support foam
  • Orthopedic botanic foam support base for added durability
  • 25-year prorated manufacturer’s warranty


  • Helps relieve pressure and alleviate back pain
  • Natural and sustainable eco-friendly materials like soy and bamboo
  • Aids in increasing circulation which can provide a deeper sleep
  • Memory foam bedding is extremely resistant to bedbugs and is naturally anti-microbial

Eco Pedic Classic 9-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Layer Thickness and Density (when available):

  • 1-inch Ventilated Memory Foam (3 lb Density)
  • 1.5-inch Memory Foam (3 lb Density)
  • 6.5-inch PolyBase Foam (1.5 lb Density 40 ILD)

Compare to Tempur-Pedic ® and Save!

Compare Eco Pedic mattresses to Tempurpedic ® and see how our mattresses give you comfortable, healthy sleep without the big price tag. We designed our Eco-Pedic mattresses using non-off-gassing Eco-friendly slow-response plant-based memory foam and fast-response bio-foam, also made from a plant-derived compound.

The eco memory foam used in our Eco-Pedic beds is also an extremely breathable memory foam that does not act as body-heat trap, unlike old line traditional memory foam. While the sleep-feel of an original memory foam mattress is highly desirable, one of the biggest complaints centers around the mattress "sleeping hot" due to their heat-retaining properties. Off-gassing is a second major complaint about traditional memory foam. By changing the formulation of our memory foam, we have ben able to eliminate the intense chemical smell that can plague a new memory foam mattress for up to 3 months!


Mattress Features

Pressure-Relieving NASA inspired viscoelastic memory foam Yes Yes
Sleep better and enjoy identical health benefits Yes Yes
9-inch thickness mattress Yes no
Cooler sleeping eco-friendly memory foam is up to 900% more breathable than tempur foam. Yes No
NON-Toxic eco-friendly memory foam, our memory foam uses soy to replace much of the petroleum that goes into traditional memory foam. Yes No
Skin-friendly & hypoallergenic Yes No
Reasonably and fairly priced Yes No
No 'off-gassing' Yes No

Model (Queen with Foundation) Comparison

Eco Pedic


Eco Pedic Classic vs. Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe 13-inch

$1541.50(Save $457!)


Warranty Information

25-year prorated manufacturer's warranty


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