Eco Ultimate Prima Memory Foam Pillow

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Eco Ultimate Pillow. Just right, perfect pilow feel.Prima Memory Foam Pillow

European Memory Formulation Pillow


The Shredded Core Prima Memory Foam Pillow Features:

  • Contouring Support and Comfort.
  • Genuine Memory-Cell® Micro-Strand Design.
  • Shredded Memory Foam Core for a moldable conforming pillow.
  • High Performance Memory Response.
  • Lessens Snoring For Quieter Night's.
  • Promotes Open Airway Sleeping For Easier Breathing.
  • Stay Cool - Breathe Easy Sleep Design.
  • Portable Roll-N-Tote™ Design.
  • Breathe-Easy Antimicrobial Material.
  • Generously Filled & Shapable Design.
  • Organic Cotton Breathe-Easy Cover.
  • Proudly Made In The U.S.A!Not too hard, not too soft pillow. Just right, perfect pillow feel.


Available Pillow Sizes:

  • Premium


(No reviews yet) Write a Review