Majestic 10 Inch Full Depth Flotation Therapy

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Majestic 10 Inch Full Depth Flotation Therapy

The pressure relieving Majestic™ mattress with it’s Frame Free Euro design is the ideal choice for the consumer who understands the benefits of a waterbed with it’s temperature controlled fluid support, yet seeks to move toward a more conventional looking mattress. The Frame Free Euro design eliminates hard to enter and exit traditional wood frame (waterbed) designs! Featuring a beautiful, stretch knit pillow top featuring a Tri-Zone cover for maximum pressure relief & comfort, Somni-Cool™ technology, Memory Weave wrapped Power Edge support and shimmering grey/black slate side panels. Select from a complete line of support chambers – most featuring “Total Body Support” for maximum orthopedic spinal alignment. 5 premium water mattress chambers to choose from!

  • Beautiful, Stretch Knit Mid-Profile Pillow Top: Incredibly soft, breathable and zoned for proper full body support. Also features Revive Body Impression Resistant material.
  • Somni-Cool Technology: This hydrophilic moisture absorbing layer is engineered to increase evaporative performance and to create a cooler sleeping environment.
  • High-Tech Tri-Zone Cover: Provides head-to-toe support and proper alignment for maximum pressure relief and comfort.
  • Active Support Comfort Layer: Incredibly soft and pressure reducing. Contours to the body for even weight distribution.
  • Base Support Layer: Highly resilient, posture progressive base core.
  • Proprietary Moisture Management Layer: Protects internal components and promotes a healthier sleeping environment.
  • Full Fit Contour Liner – For Peace Of Mind: Used to prevent water spillage in the case of a water mattress puncture, leak or separation.
  • Memory-Weave Power Edge Wrapped M-Rails: Minimizes oxidation of the foam and reinforces perimeter support for maximum sitting integrity and mattress containment.
  • Shimmering Grey/Black Slate Side Panels: Beautifully quilted and finely tailored with contrasting basalt grey threading.
  • Fully Assembled Foundation: Both King and Queen are split for additional strength, stability and convenience when moving.

Low Watt Touch Temp Heater

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25 Year Limited Warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review