Upper Flex Echo Mattress Memory Gel Infused With Biocrystal

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Product Overview

Upper Flex Echo Mattress Memory Gel Infused With Biocrystal

  • Beautiful, Stretch Knit, Fabric Cover Featuring Sleep Cool Technology: This top cover material is incredibly soft, breathable and minimizes pressure. Featuring Cool Touch technology for a cooler sleeping environment.
  • Memory-Gel Infused with Biocrystal Comfort Layer:
    • Memory-Gel is a specially formulated, temperature responsive, material that contours to the body for even weight distribution and to eliminate pressure points. Open Cell structure to ensure improved breathability and greater heat dissipation for temperature neutral sleep. Absorbs energy and motion to reduce partner disturbance.
    • Biocrystal is a powerful crystal combination scientifically proven to impact the user’s well-being & energy level. Sleeping, sitting or resting on Memory-Gel infused with Biocrystal revitalizes the body, providing the quality rest needed to perform well all day. The user’s body is recharged & renewed - better able to keep up with an active lifestyle. Biocrystal promotes proper cell function to relieve stress, improve relaxation, increase energy for improved performance & provide quality rest & recuperation.
  • Progressive Support Contouring Comfort Layer: For superior pressure reduced support and alignment on all upper and lower extremities. Contours to the body for even weight distribution to eliminate pressure points.
  • Substrate Base Support Layer: High density, resilient cushioning for full body comfort and support.
  • Grey/Black Slate Side Panels: Beautifully quilted and finely tailored with contrasting
    basalt grey threading - offer classic style and traditional looks with a very modern feel.

Memory Gel Infused With Biocrystal

Provides Superior Comfort:

  • Pressure relieving Memory-Gel conforms to the body
  • Breathable open cell structure dissipates heat for a more comfortable sleeping temperature

Promotes Proper Cell Function To:

  • Revitalize, recharge & renew the body
  • Relieve stress & improve relaxation
  • Increase energy for improved performance
  • Provide quality rest and recuperation

Available Sizes:

  • E/Queen
  • E/King
  • W/King

Warranty Information

20 Year Limited Warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review